Schoolboy Q dropped his latest project, “Habits & Contradictions” via iTunes, asking $7.99 for it. It was definitely worth the almost-eight bucks! This latest work show his growth as an artist since “Setbacks,” it displays his versatile flow and his ear for a unique beat.

"Habits & Contradictions" is a great name for this project, which displays Q's habits (this includes, but is not limited to, a weed habit) and contradictions that saturate our every day life. A prime example would be  "Gangsta In Designer (No Concept)."  Over a flute & drum filled beat, Q spits about his drug habits and the idea (which may seem like a contradiction) of being gangster but also designer.

Schoolboy Q's flow and his new-age-style beats really make “HnC” what it is. The content lacks variety-- the focus is on his choice of drugs and his choice of hoes-- but Q obviously knows what makes for a good time. “Groovline Pt. 1,” “My Hatin' Joint,” “How We Feeling,” are all examples of a laid-back, weed-smoking joint; while “There He Go,” “Oxy Music” (aptly named), “Gangsta In Designer” are those bangers you can drink and do hard(er) drugs too. That pretty much sums up the category of songs on “HnC,” it's all party-worthy.

The album starts off on point, with the first three tracks being my favourite off the project, they set the tone for what you can expect for the duration of your listening. Q keeps your interest throughout with his versatility of flow. “niggaHs.already.know.davers.flow” not only showcases Schoolboy Q's ease with words and his own style, but also tells us exactly what "HnC" consists of: drugs, money, and fashion (which we should already know by the time we get to this track).

Q reps Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) and Black Hippy along with Kendrick Lamar, and although at times Q's flow reminded me of Lamar's, in general he does not jack Lamar's style. They are distinctive from each other and they compliment each otherwhen they get on a track together.

“HnC” is an impressive project any drug-lover will enjoy. You know it's a dope project when it fills three credentials: you don't need to skip over a track, the beats get you head-bobbing, and you wish you could spit the lines yourself. Schoolboy Q hit all three on the mark. Good ish!!

Cop it on iTunes here.