I just have to say that I have never really understood the hype about Rick Ross, but the hype was at an all time high after he dropped “Rich Forever.” “If he gives this to us on a mixtape, imagine 'God Forgives, I Don't'?!!?” But, it is true that “Rich Forever” was some huge ish. I mean, first of all, when it dropped at 3:05 pm, shit was crashing on the internet because of all the traffic.

I am sure “Rich Forever” didn't disappoint any Rick Ross fans. The fact that it is all original music is pretty impressive. There were a lot of features on this tape, but not to Rozay's detriment. I like Ross more when he does not have the entire track to himself, so I was happy to see the amount of features. The artists featured were also of high caliber-- Drake, Nas, Diddy, French Montana, fellow MMG members Wale & Meek Mill, (obviously) 2 Chainz and more.

“Holy Ghost” starts off with Ross saying that he is talking to the Holy Ghost in his Bugatti. I don't know if anyone else laughed at that, but it is pretty funny if you really think about it. Just imagine it. I hope Ross knew the hilarity of it when he wrote that line, but at the same time, it's so g and we believe it 'cause the Bawse says it. Diddy provides us with some ad-libs on “Holy Ghost,” and joins Ross again on another Bugatti inspired song, “New Bugatti.”

Ross is great on a hook, and he provides us with many strong hooks throughout the tape. When he gives the hook to another artist though, such as Future on “Ring Ring,” the result is unfortunate. It may just be Future's voice, but that track is annoying as hell.

Keeping in mind this is a mixtape it definitely does its job—it will tide you over until “God Forgives, I Don't” drops. I would only hope that the album has a greater variety of topic. The theme of this tape is obviously money & getting money, (yes, we could assume that based on the title alone), but maybe that is one of the reasons I've shied away from Rick Ross in the past; I always feel like he is talking the same shit over and over. I guess his fans like it though, so why change it up?

I'm not hating on Rozay's grind though. He switches it up slightly on “Party Heart.” I would have never imagined Rozay on a track produced by Chuck Inglish, yet somehow he pulls it off. 2 Chainz on the other hand, ruins the song for me. “Stay Schemin,” is the stand-out track on the tape, however Drake's feature outshines Ross (I could say the same thing for “Triple Beam Dreams”), nonetheless it's dope.

In considering this mixtape I am faced with the quality vs. quantity debate. Ross definitely supplies us with quantity but I am still on the fence about Ross' quality. Still-- this is a mixtape and I think Ross did exactly what he wanted to with it-- everyone is excited for "God Forgives," after hearing "Rich Forever."

If you've been living under a rock, cop “Rich Forever” here!!