Ludacris is back in the game and reminding us who thafuck he is with his new mixtape “1.21 Gigawatts (Back To The First Time).”

Ludacris goes in on this mixtape with the flow we've expected to hear from him ever since “Phat Rabbit”. I'm sure this mixtape will please his fans as a far as flow goes. The content is nothing we haven't heard before, that is to say, it's pretty typical. But this entire mixtape isn't Ludacris doing anything drastically different-- I mean, the title alone is a pretty good indication that he's trying to get back to his roots.

The beats are all high energy and pretty catchy, and Ludacris brings even more energy too it with his raps. That's definitely one of the reasons I love Ludacris, even if his raps weren't on point, he has so much energy you can't help but enjoy his music. And Ludacris isn't the most lyrical of rappers, but that doesn't stop him from bringing what he's got on this mixtape.

The first two tracks are not that memorable, but I really enjoyed “Rich & Flexin'” with Waka Flocka when it first leaked, and how it starts with Justin Timberlakes “Cry Me A River”, and I'm still enjoying it now. Waka Flocka is another rapper known for the energy he brings to a track, so both of them on a track together definitely works.

Of course the hottest topic of discussion was Ludacris' “History Lesson” interlude and the track that follows “Bada Boom,” for good reason. I think it's great that Luda included that little history lesson for everyone, cause I really don't think people were aware, and he couldn't let that shit slide. It's just like Luda says,

“counterfeit rappers say I'm stealin they flows/ but I can't steal what you never made up bitch (...) flows'll get recycled/passed around with different names,”

Plus I laughed when he said “I musta stole that shit from myself!” at the end of “History Lesson.”

I really like the feature on the song that follows also, Meek Mill, another rapper who has an energy that matches Luda's. However, the beat with the constant dripping noise is kinda annoying.

Ludacris does a really good job with his features though, because he chooses rappers that don't bring him down--- they are all as strong as him vocals-wise and hype-wise on the track. Waka Flocka, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Big K.RI.T., Gucci Maine... these are rappers I wouldn't necessarily say are that strong lyrically but they are by no means weak rappers, know what I mean?

The only rapper I was surprised to see as a feature was Wiz Khalifa, but it works on the song, it's definitely the smoothest track off the tape so it's appropriate that Wiz is on it.

In general, Luda's mixtape is about not-fucking with him and about how many dollars he has. It's not the most memorable thing I've heard, but it's a good time. Ludacris is a funny guy, I have to say, his lyrics made me lol several times, and I remember always thinking his music videos were funny back in the day, so it's nice to see he hasn't lost his sense of humour. I think this mixtape accomplished what it needed to-- reminded us why we liked Luda to begin with, and he was able to respond to what he needed too.

Your thoughts?

Also just cuz I felt like it, remember "Phat Rabbit"