Hip-Hop has become synonymous with American Pop Culture. Its styles and sounds have not only infiltrated every aspect of media, but also every neighborhood as well. Infinitely adapting to the taste-buds of today’s youth, it’s tough to remember how it all started at 1520 Sedgwick Ave.

In 2009, this party enthused essence returned with the rise of the Jerk movement. Leading it were two California teens calling themselves “The New Boyz.” It’s been three years since “You’re a Jerk” dominated the airwaves, and in that time the duo have released two successful albums and toured relentlessly. However, Earl “Ben J” Benjamin and Dominic “Legacy” Thomas have only just begun. On April 1st the pair released “The Foolie Tape.” Titled after an urban term of endearment, this, their first official mixtape, is certain to set any party in motion.

For starters, it sees the reappearance of Legacy behind the boards. On “Too Cool to Care” he took a break from production duties; back with two new tracks, fans are at last provided with what they’ve been missing. Both FM$ (Freak My Shit) and Bars are smooth enough to make any listener bob their head with ease. The latter opens with Legacy’s lyricism: “Why you follow trends nigga? Tell your own story… I mean you say you wanna be a killer then make Tumblr and turn into a hipster!” Crass words of wisdom fickle fans should listen to.

 Overall, the engineering is excellent. Each track blends into the next with a level of aural accuracy many artists fail to consider. Noteworthy peaks include the full-bodied beat backing “Closure,” and Ben J’s flow on “Movin.” In that and elsewhere, the boys contrast their styles appropriately giving the tape adequate audio depth. Critics will claim what is lacking in turn is depth period. There’s no question the subject matter on Foolie is limited, but it’s honest enough for two young men approaching their twenty-first birthdays. Furthermore, the focus for this record is not to voice pain poetically, but to provide the audience with pitch perfect pleasure. With assistance from noteworthy artists on both sides of the camera they achieve exactly that.

Speaking of cameras, the tape’s episodic promo videos are worth looking at. To fuel the excitement for its release, three clips from their Asian tour were uploaded. Titled “Foolies” they convey many candid moments had by Ben J, Legacy, and their comedic bodyguard “Cheese.” In addition, the duo recently made their silver screen debut appearing in Mario Van Peebles teen drama, “We the Party.” As previously stated, success is springing for the pair. And with these new summer sounds, they’re ready to celebrate the sun. 

Get that “Foolie Tape” fool!