After his recent split with Puff Daddy’s Bad Boy Records and Interscope on March 19, King Los has stepped it up quickly and released his latest mixtape, Zero Gravity II. He had first signed with the label back in 2005.

In April 2010 the Baltimore native released the first mixtape Zero Gravity, which is mainly comprised of remixes. It’s been four years and five mixtapes since then, but now he’s decided to return to add on to the collection with a second round of lyrical punches, and many less remixes this time around.

The rapper offers up mostly original content, along with a few raps over other artists’ instrumentals, on what is his thirteenth mixtape, presented by After Platinum Records. Some of the guests featured on this compilation include Royce Da 5’9, LolaMonroe, Devin Cruise, Mario, Kid Ink and Jeremih. Production credits on this tape go to J. Oliver, Dot N Pro, Hitmaka, Devin Cruise and Peter Pan, among others.

Los, who’s been around since 2008, has already proved himself on past mixtapes, but spits harder on this collection of 19 songs, which emanate from a somewhat darker place. His rhymes are more carefully crafted this time around and he’s artistically pulling from a sincerely staunch place.

His first single, “Play Too Rough”, which was debuted by HNHH on March 5, features his signature smart-ass swagger and aggressive rhymes. A handful of the other songs follow suit and exude a similar vibe; with so many metaphors and so much alliteration through out the project.

The track “But You Playin” featuring Mario and Lola Monroe, who is also the baby momma of Los’ child (born in March 2013), is a short intro track for “Fuck The Club.” Monroe’s demeanor is similar to Nicki Minaj at times, but she also presents her own swag.

A few of the tracks, including “Fuck The Club” featuring Lil Al B and “Do Somethin” with Devin Cruise & International Que, also introduce Los as a partial producer for the very first time. “Fuck The Club” is paired with Los’ quick-witted lyrics and Lil Al B’s smooth vocals, resulting in a dope jam. At the end of the song is an inspirational message, as he adds the scene from the 2006 film “Pursuit of Happyness” where Will Smith is telling his son to follow his dreams. He says “Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. Alright? You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. You want something, go get it, period.”

“Do Somethin” commences with a Bollywood vibe and is followed by Los’ sick rhymes and spitfire knockout. This track showcases his real talents, which are his ability to maintain and balance flow and delivery.

He proves he’s a proficient wordsmith on “Control Freestyle” where he spits freely about reigning as “King” and how everyone else in the game is just an amateur. A sample of some of these tight and well-thought out lyrics include “they gon’ have to have me shackled and tackled, their tabernacles, while having my Adam’s apple detached at the Baptist chapel.”

The banger track “Me Too” Feat. Kid Ink & Jeremih is the kind of song that would get everyone hype in the club even though it has a somewhat laid-back flow. Each artist adds their own personal spunk on the track that states, “If you be getting this much money you’d be actin’ like me too.” It’s a song calling out the haters and trying to explain to them why they have the right to act how they do. Probably because they earned it.

A standout song on this collection is “Fake Niggas Died” which immediately offers up a catchy beat. As soon as Los starts rapping it’s clear this track emphasizes his imagination and ability to take command of a track.

Overall, this mixtape went above and beyond, with Los stepping up his game and bringing something new and original to the table. His true grit shined through with some of his most well-crafted tracks yet.

Los will be heading out on tour with Kid Ink in April for their “My Own Lane” tour. If you've yet to cop the mixtape, download it below. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.