As the release of Kiss The Ring approached, many wondered aloud, “What does DJ Khaled do exactly?” What he’s been telling us all along, he makes hit records! Time after time the president of Def Jam South has produced the most incredible compilations. This time things are different however, this time he’s expressed his appreciation while asking for the same. Why? Because he’s an advocate for Hip-Hop; a true believer in the beauty the art form has to offer.

Take the record “Hip Hop” for example. Produced by DJ Premier, his sound alone pays tribute to the title. But by bringing in Nas and Scarface the essence of the track is elevated further. This song embodies the frustration of those who have loved her long and suffered in turn. However, though every track on Kiss The Ring is deep, not everyone is so transcendental. The album’s opener, “Shout Out to the Real” isn’t much on the surface. That said it combines the efforts of the most audibly intense artists currently in the game. Meek Mill, Ace Hood, and Plies are all forces to be reckoned with, and by putting them together they become a tidal wave capable of crushing cities.

Concepts abound on this album, and Khaled should be commended for crafting them. “They Ready” is a song old heads need to take notice of, and young cats need to bump proudly. It places J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T. and Kendrick Lamar on the same beat, and as it bounces all are assured that Hip-Hop is far from dead. Don’t forget “I’m So Blessed.” Like Ace Hood, T-Pain is on every We The Best CD. As always Teddy hones a hook that’s easy on the ears, and this time it’s a religious offering. Also, Wiz Khalifa doing that Bone Thugs flow… Unbelievable!

Although every song cannot be discussed in depth here, let us dive into three more before closing. “Take it to the Head” is a solid single. Every album needs a song that can expand beyond the expected demographic, and the aforementioned is exactly that. Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Chris Brown drive women into giving this CD a chance, all while keeping male egos stroked and satisfied. Then there’s “Don’t Pay 4 It.” Vulgar and misogynistic, it’s sure to offend some ladies, but Tyga’s on it, so not too many. Last but not least is “Suicidal Thoughts.” Many may have overlooked Khaled signing Mavado, but they will no longer. Easily one of the best vocal talents out there, Mavado excels herein. If you don’t have the Gully God on repeat yet, get your iPod ready for the effort.

Again, not every track can be mentioned here, but nonetheless they all deserve an expressive nod. This is a must buy for everybody that believes in Hip-Hop! 

You can purchase it on iTunes here.