Few rappers out can say they have been rapping since the age of eight and actually mean it. Dizzy Wright has been performing long before he even hit puberty. His mother, who penned his lyrics when he was just starting out, was a concert promoter and exposed him to the industry while other children his age were playing video games and learning their multiplication times table.

In 2010, he got his big break by performing at a “Rip the Mic” competition. His stage presence peaked the interest of those over at Hopsin’s independent record label Funk Volume. Eventually, this lead to the Las Vegas transplant getting a deal. Dizzy released his debut album SmokeOut Conversations in 2012 and while fans eagerly waited for the follow up, he’s made no shortage of music. Since then he’s dropped an EP and two more mixtapes. Promising to release his second album sometime this year, Dizzy drops yet another project for his fans to enjoy while they wait.

Dizzy released the seven-track State of Mind EP with little prior notice. He opens things up with the title track “State of Mind” and right off of the bat, he lets us know what he’s focused on and what he’s willing to do to get it:

“Going ham in the line to fire, never not working until I'm an expert/ Success is a state of mind, and in due time, you gon hear my best work/ I'm strictly about my business, too many niggas is bout that "let's work"/ Tryna swim with the sharks without catching yo breath first, nigga wait a minute/ Dizzy gets down, nigga this is his town/ When you learn how much you worth you will stop giving out discounts/ Gotta quiet all of these critics, the most devoted in my division/ They do it for the mentions, but I never trade respect for attention”

Much of the EP has a smoothed out feel, a signature sound from the stoner, but he did provide songs that could move a crowd, perhaps even more than usual. He may have been born in Flint, Michigan, one of the poorest towns in the country but he relocated to Las Vegas with his family at a young age and Dizzy is quick to rep the City of Sin in the upbeat MLB produced “Everywhere I Go:”

Listen, can't wait for y'all/ Either I'm finna find a way or I'll make the way/ People that said that they got me and then they forgot me/ Guess what? Today's the day that I'm a save the day/ And you gon' watch because you paved the way/ The hate make me better/ Now I'm happy, smoking good and motivated/ To keep running this city forever/I love to rap, Dizzy Wright stepping up to bat/ They hope in fact, that nigga strike out/ But that never will happen they hatin'/ So I Jackie Robinson them with a smile/ Ahead of these suckers by miles/ I told you from jump that that sucker shit wasn't allowed/ Everywhere I go turn into Vegas/ Now it's time for y'all to get wild”

MMG’s Rockie Fresh is the lone guest feature on the EP and he joins Dizzy on the laid back “Too Real For This.” In “New Generation” Dizzy uses the ubiquitous ‘turn up’ phrase to rap about exactly what most people his age are focused on. But in the next song, “Calm Down,” Dizzy slows things down considerably and drops some words of wisdom about living that fast life and gives the warning that, “Wasting time is worse than wasting money.”

State of Mind should keep Dizzy fans satisfied until he drops his sophomore album later this year. With production from MLB, Roc N Mayne, Sledgren, 6ix and 1stBorn, the EP also serves the purpose of revealing the direction that Dizzy is headed in musically. Dizzy was known to drop three of four projects a year but now he’s intent on taking his time, choosing quality over quantity. Although his fans will have less Dizzy music to vibe out to, what he does provide deserves to stay in rotation longer.