Upon its release, Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 became the number one album in the country, a just reward for everyone involved in crafting the gargantuan beast. And while the album has been amassing heaps of praise, including from our own publication, the accompanying documentary proved to be an integral piece in fleshing out the surrounding narrative. In fact, without it, many might not be privy to the Dreamers 3 dynamic, an integral piece of the puzzle. Today, Variety linked up with director David Peters to chronicle his experience making the excellently crafted film, including his own nominations for the coveted prize of "Dreamers 3 MVP."

When asked about his favorite moment from the extensive sessions, he cites what has since developed into a fan favorite across mediums: "Wells Fargo." "That sequence at the end of the documentary when they’re performing the song “Wells Fargo," explains Peters. "I was actually physically in the booth filming them as they recorded it — the energy really comes through in the video. I was stoked to be there." As for his studio MVPS, Peters makes sure to shout out one key Dreamville player, as well as one fun-loving outsourced icon. 

"Personally, I have to either say Olu from EarthGang or Buddy," he reveals. "Both of them just had a tenacious attitude, but that’s from my perspective. Everyone was putting their best foot forward and making some incredible music." Of course, Buddy's infectious presence came out in the documentary, but Olu remained somewhat of an unsung hero throughout, focused and consistently putting in work no matter the situation. "I know Johnny Venus (Olu) from Earthgang spent three or four nights in the studio," he explains, before revealing his own experience catching Z's in the control room.

For more from the Revenge documentary director, be sure to head over to Variety for the full piece

Amy Sussman/Getty Images