With last year's rise of the #MeToo movement and the endless acts that have been shunned from the media amid endless sexual assault allegations, it's now the time more than ever for women and men to speak out and get support when it comes to being victims of sexual misconduct. Whether the event took place more recently or years ago, it should not go unnoticed and such is the case for Gordon Ramsay in a resurfaced interview with Jay Leno and Sofia Vergara. 

The 2010 clip has come back to light since a Twitter user shared it, highlighting how uncomfortable the famous chef made the Modern Family actress. At first, Sofia is seen acting out a sketch with the two men that leads her to scream loudly. Later on, she tells the audience how she's never screamed like that where Gordon replied: “Only in the bedroom?”

The chef reaches out to touch her, but she makes a face showing clear discomfort. Deeper into the clip, Jay shows a photo of Sofia eating pizza, where Gordon felt compelled to say: “You seem like you’re enjoying that ― you have the whole wedge in your mouth at one time?”

The inappropriate teasing continues, leading Sofia to yell “ese tipo no respeta,” which translates to “this guy does not respect me." Towards the end, Gordon smacks Sofia on her thigh where she yells: “No! No touching!” 

Watch the full clip below.