C&C Coffee and Kitchen, a restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado, ignored statewide orders to remain closed and welcomed customers for Mother's Day. The restaurant, not only filled it's indoor and outdoor seating area, but had a line of customers going out of the door.

Coronavirus, COVID-19, RestaurantQuinn Rooney / Getty Images

"We are standing for America, small businesses, the Constitution and against the overreach of our governor in Colorado!!," the restaurant wrote on Twitter.

Pictures from the restaurant show massive crowds, clearly violating the social distance protocol. 

The Tri-County Health Department released a statement about the restaurant's decision to open, Sunday:

We are disappointed that [C&C] has decided to ignore the Governor’s Safer at Home order and open up today with no attention to social distancing. This decision runs the risk of undermining the impact that other Douglas County businesses and residents have achieved over the last seven weeks by taking various social distancing measures. As the entity charged with enforcing the Governor’s statewide Safer at Home Public Health Order, we will follow up with this restaurant to ensure that they, like other restaurants in the county, take appropriate steps to protect the public health, by limiting service to curbside and take-out service.

Previously, authorities have said that businesses who violate the closure order will be subject to having their licenses revoked.