When they recently raise subscription prices, Netflix maintained that it was because of the cost of original content, and that subscribers would get much more of said content if they stuck around. If the past two days are anything to go by, the streaming giant is delivering. 

Yesterday they released the trailer for The Umbrella Academya new superhero show that will replace the Marvel content that will likely move to Disney+ once it starts. Today, Deadline reported that Netflix is developing a Resident Evil TV series in tandem with Constantin Film, the German production company that also produced the six Resident Evil movies. 

The new show will apparently have the same premise as the movies and the games; it will explore the drama behind the Umbrella Corporation in the wake of the outbreak of the T-Virus. Although the details are still unclear (the series doesn't yet have a showrunner hired), it likely won't star Milla Jovovich, who was the face of the movie franchise. 

This news comes very coincidentally on a big day for the Resident Evil franchise, as the remake of Resident Evil 2 just came out today. You can watch the trailer for the polished up version of the old game below: