The Resident Evil series is a staple of video gaming. Not only is it a very successful game series, but a movie series as well. Of course, the game came first, but perhaps it can be said that the cinematic nature of these games is what eventually led to the movies being made. One of the games that showed that in full force, was "Resident Evil 2" which is one of the titles in the series that is looked upon with a ton of nostalgic praise. People have been clamoring for the game so much so, that Capcom decided to remake it and will be releasing it on January 25th for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows.

In order to promote the game, Capcom went back to the past. In 1998, George A. Romero, who is the game's creator, released a live-action trailer that cost $1.5 million which was, in fact, more than it took to develop the actual game. This latest trailer pays homage to that commercial, offering a nostalgic remake. 

According to Hypebeast, the commercial only ran in Japan but was so widely enjoyed that Romero was asked to direct and write a Resident Evil film. The job ultimately went to Paul W.S. Anderson who has been a part of all six movies in the series.

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