Back in 2014, Alaska news personality Charlo Greene went viral after quitting her job on-air, after revealing her true identity as owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club. Her famous words "fuck it I quit" were heard by stoners and squares alike worldwide (see video below). According to The Guardian, that same lady is back in the headlines as she faces a slew of charges against her for “misconduct involving a controlled substance.” Although Alaska has legalized the substance, regulations for sale have not yet been put in place.

Greene, whose Alaska Cannabis Club faced numerous visits from undercover police officers prior to the raids, has called the charges against her a "modern day lynching." Given the history of marijuana-laws unfairly targeting the black community (in Alaska, and the country at large), Greene may actually have a point. Although it is unlikely Greene will receive 24 years in prison, she says the possibility has created a dark cloud over all aspects of her life. She is expected to face trial in the coming months.