Last season Jordan Clarkson helped lead the Utah Jazz to the NBA’s best win-loss record for the first time in franchise history. He then capped off the team’s record-setting season by winning the 2020-2021 Sixth Man of the Year Award. 

Despite his efforts on the court, somehow the 29-year-old guard still can’t seem to get his due  respect off of the court.

During a segment produced by KUTV Salt Lake City, reporter Hayley Crombleholme was tasked with taking the temperature of the Utah Jazz fan base after an announcement that all home games would require proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

jordan clarkson utah jazz reporter

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Unbeknownst to Crombleholme, the man she stopped for an interview was none other than the reigning Sixth Man of the Year Jordan Clarkson. 

After instructing the Jazz Guard to spell his first and last name, Crombleholme then asked Clarkson, “Did you go to any Utah Jazz Games?”

“Yeah, a lot,” Clarkson replied, perhaps in disbelief.

After the interview went viral, Crombleholme took to Twitter and owned the mistake, claiming she was “highly embarrassed.” She even shared an additional clip where she requested Clarkson spell-out his full name.  

Clarkson, playfully responded back to reporter Hayley Crombleholme writing, “Just happy I spelled my name right.”