An unidentified reporter was the victim of an embarrassing moment during Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence’s postgame news conference on Zoom, following the team's 49-28 loss to Ohio State. The reporter accidentally forgot to mute her mic while making fun of the presumed first overall pick to be.

Trevor LawrenceChris Graythen / Getty Images

“Poor Trevor needs to shave his ‘stache,” the unidentified reporter said.

Lawrence then laughed and responded, “thank you.”

Lawrence finishes his collegiate career with 10,098 passing yards, 90 touchdown passes, and just 17 interceptions. He is expected to be taken by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the first overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Despite Lawrence's talent, Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields turned in a massive 6 touchdown performance. He spoke about how the victory will cement his legacy after the game:

We were just talking about all week how this game can make an ever‑lasting impact. And this game controls our legacy. So we stayed out at practice and threw routes on that one roll‑out touchdown. We probably went over that about 20 times in practice one day. So we knew that was a call that we were going to get into the red zone. And we executed it well.