ESPN's Brian Windhorst joined the "Jalen & Jacoby" show yesterday to discuss rumors that Barack Obama may soon be part of an NBA ownership group, and what that would mean for an NBA franchise.

Windhorst told Jacoby,

"There are multiple people that are competing that want Barack Obama to part of an ownership group," he said.

"If he wanted to be, he’d be one now. I think he probably wants to wait. I don’t think he wants to do anything publicly for a while. If he wants to be part of an ownership group, he could be by this afternoon. But it’s a matter of being in the right situation. He wants to make it just right."

Obama has previously stated that he has dreamed about how much fun it would be to own an NBA team, so it's not surprising that 'multiple' people are interesting in bringing him on board as part of their ownership group.

Check out the clip below from Jalen & Jacoby.