You can always count on Remy Ma to speak her truth on State of the Culture. Alongside Joe Budden and the other hosts, Remy Ma is one of the most outspoken members of the hip-hop community and given her status as a popular musician, she can offer valuable insight that many others don't have access to. In the past, the rapper has had her difficulties with Nicki Minaj. She hasn't been shy about her feelings toward the self-proclaimed Queen but on the latest episode of State of the Culture, Remy ended up defending both Nicki and Cardi B from an inappropriate tweet that BET put out last week.

The network congratulated Cardi B after winning her first-ever Grammy award by dissing Nicki Minaj, writing that while Bardi was out here winning awards, Minaj was "being dragged by her lacefront." Nicki has received an apology but it wasn't enough for her to pull all of Young Money from any upcoming BET events. Remy Ma sided with both rappers involved when she spoke about the issue, noting, "BET is supposed to be Black Entertainment Television. Why would y'all do that? Why would y'all be pitting two against each other? How could you congratulate one - because that's what it was, it was a congratulations to Cardi for winning - and then in your next breath, you downgraded someone else. Not only someone else, someone that you have slated to perform at one of your shows. That was just a stupid business move."

She's absolutely correct in that aspect. Joe Budden tried to argue that a bunch of teenagers and people in their 20s are working social media for these major networks, which could be the root of the issue. What do you think?