Almost directly after the couple had renewed their wedding vows, it was announced that Papoose and Remy Ma were expecting their first child together. Despite expecting a child, Remy is taking no breaks from her career yet as she continues her role on Joe Budden's new State of the Culture show. Both Remy and Papoose are well-respected within New York's storied hip-hop culture and although Ma isn't exactly at the point where she looks like she could be going into labor any day, her stomach is certainly growing and she's proudly showing off the transformation on Instagram.

Remy posted a gallery of shots to show off her new outfit from Fashion Nova and she barely even looks pregnant in them. That is until you get to the final image where she pulls up her top enough to reveal her growing bump, pointing at her baby-to-be with a sense of pride. Of course, she had to make a pun in her caption, calling herself "Remy Mom" and referring to her unborn baby as "The Golden Child." 

The couple has been married for a decade and this is their first kid together. Check out the photos below and make sure to swipe so you can see the image we're talking about.