It's been a full year since Remy Ma was released Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, where she served a six year sentence. Her time spent away for charges of assault, weapon possession and coercion still weigh heavy on the rapper's mind on the anniversary of her freedom, but thanks to her friends and family, she seems to be in a good place. Remy shared some thoughts on the one year mark on Instagram earlier today.

"At this moment 1 year ago I was sitting in a cell wondering when I was coming home," she wrote. "I had actually gave up hoping that it would even happen. I was supposed to be released July 31, 2014 & I had woke up on August 1, 2014 STILL in prison; I was devastated. Yet, by the grace of my merciful God, I was able to awake the next day at home, in my bed, and post my 1st selfie. At this moment I was so happy but still in shock that I was actually "free"..."

In her second post, Remy made sure to thank all of those around her who have supported her throughout the process, saving most of her grace for her husband, Papoose. "Here it is, exactly 1 year later and it feels great to say#ImAround," she said. "Thank you to everyone that supported me and helped make my transition back into society a warm, inviting, & loving feeling😘 I am truly thankful. However, I would not have been able to be WHO I am & where I am today had it not been for my loyal, honest, dedicated, & loving husband and best friend 💍@papoosepapoose. He kept me sane; he kept me grounded; he made me believe that it was possible to start again. I love him and cannot express how thankful & honored I am to have such a REAL real one."

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