Last week Remy Ma gave Angie Martinez over at Power 105.1 a call from prison, revealing she had just ten days to go on her sentence before she was a free woman again. Today marks the tenth day, and Hot 97 is reporting that Remy Ma was released from the Bedford Hills Facility for Women at 8 AM this morning.

Word is that her manager Nelson, her husband and fellow New York rapper Papoose, plus plenty of other friends were waiting outside the facility to greet her as she left. Remy was charged with assault stemming from a 2007 incident when she shot a friend who stole from her. She was sentenced to eight years behind bars, but ultimately served six years.

While talking to Angie last week, Remy revealed that she's been getting plenty of label offers as well as offers for a reality TV show, so it sounds like she'll waste no time in getting back into the swing of things. Stay tuned for Remy Ma's first post-prison release. 

Welcome home!

[UPDATE: New Details Emerge, Remy Ma's Release Delayed, New Details Emerge]

Welp. It seems like all the 'Welcome Homes' were premature, as the resourceful MissInfo has learned that Remy Ma is in fact still locked up. It seems like there is an issue with her release, although it remains unclear what exactly.

As we reported previously, Remy Ma's release was scheduled for 8 AM this morning. Her manager, Papoose, and plenty of friends with fancy cars were on hand to welcome her home, only she never exited the prison. After three or four hours, MissInfo reports that a prison official came out to speak to Papoose personally, following which the whole entourage left.

It's also been revealed that during the intended last week of her prison stay, Remy was in solitary confinement. The reason for this is unclear, and it's also unclear why her release has been halted, but it's been confirmed that she is still in custody.

[UPDATE #2: Reason For Delay Revealed]

We all prematurely celebrated Remy Ma's release from prison yesterday, when it was later revealed that Remy was still locked up, having spent what was supposed to be her remaining week in prison in solitary confinement. Today XXL has received word from an official at the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision on why exactly Remy's release has been delayed.

Apparently there was the disciplinary issue centered around a phone call violation which happened on July 21st, when Remy called a third party (this happens to be the same day Remy called in Power 105.1 and spoke to Angie Martinez, so these two things could very well be related, although we have no confirmation). The New York native will remain in locked up at least until early next week, once the prison's review is complete.