Whether you're loving it or simply fed up at this point, it's clear that the Nicki Minaj & Remy Ma beef simply will not die. Insofar as diss tracks are concerned, it's been largely quiet since Nicki took a few shots on 2 Chainz' Pretty Girls Like Trap Music cut "Realize," as well as Khaled joints "Nobody" and "I Can't Even Lie." 

However, Remy Ma is not one to bury the hatchet. In fact, she'd much rather take the hatchet to your dome. A new trailer for an upcoming episode of Wild N' Out has been released, putting the beef directly back in the spotlight. The clip finds two teams playing a game of "Rest In Peace," which finds members attempting to drop comedic eulogies to celebrities and musicians. When "Nicki Minaj" comes up, Remy seizes her moment.

Remy's teammate Emmanuel Hudson initially takes the podium, but Remy is having none of it. Spurred on by supportive chants from the crowd. the Plata O Plomo rapper saunters up the stage like a WWE Diva about to drop the mic. Everyone pretty much knows what's coming, but that doesn't stop the applause from ringing out when Remy Ma utters "shETHER."

In all fairness, "shETHER" was a pretty scathing diss track, and pretty much skyrocketed Remy Ma back into the public eye. For what it's worth, Ma seems to be doing something right, as 2017 is proving to be her biggest year in a while.

Check out the promo below, and why not check out some of "Wild N' Out: WildStyle's" wildest moments while you're at it?