Remy Ma has seemingly been on cloud nine since welcoming her daughter into the world earlier this month. The "Wake Me Up" rapper gave birth on December 14th and despite some post-birth complications that resulted in her being readmitted into the hospital for surgery, Remy and her husband Papoose are grateful for every moment with their Golden Child. 

Although Remy is clearly not pregnant anymore, she has come through with some throwback photos from when she was about to pop and posing for Fashion Bomb Daily in some stylish looks. “I wanted to people to see that I'm literally â€ªdue in 17 days‬, and you can still be cute, have fun, and look popping," Remy said of the shoot. 

She added: "Just because you're pregnant, you don't have to look pregnant. You don't have to shop at maternity stores, you don't have to wear empire waists or mumus."

We still don't have Remy and Papoose's daughter's official name, so she's still being referred to as The Golden Child until an official photo of her arrives. Earlier this week Remy did share an unofficial photo of her and her daughter in the hospital bed and Remy's eyes are beaming with love. 

"After overcoming such a tough labor/delivery! My wife breast feeds our child, around the clock. I’m so amazed by her strength, courage & motherly touch. @remyma Thank you babe! This is all a dream come true! #thegoldenchild Daddy got you forever. You are the definition of beauty," Papoose shared with his Instagram followers after the birth of his child. 

We wonder what they will name her daughter...