Vince Herbert has been in a legal battle with record company LDNX who claim the music executive owes them $380K. Several of his former clients have been dragged into the lawsuit such as Lady Gaga and Remy Ma. Unfortunately, a judge has found Remy Ma in contempt of court after she blew a subpoena in relation to working with Hebert.

Maury Phillips/Getty Images

According to The Blast, Remy Ma was ordered to hand over all of her financial documents that relate to her work with Vince Herbert over the years. Remy was previously managed by Herbert, although the two parted ways since then. The documents Remy was ordered to hand over are in relation to Herbert's lawsuit with LDNX Records. Remy was given a month to answer all the questions about the projects that she and Vince worked on as well as how much money he might be owed from their efforts together. Additionally, the judge demanded that she hand over any money that she owes Vince so it could be handed over to LDNX Records.

Remy Ma has thirty days to comply or she could be hit with sanctions.

LDNX Records filed court documents earlier this year claiming that they've been trying to collect $380K from Vince Herbert. They demanded that Herbert, Lady Gaga, Remy Ma and Interscope records be found in contempt of court. Lady Gaga already turned over the documents requested from her. The case in ongoing.