It's no denying that rap has evolved dramatically, and in the last few years "mumble rap" has taken the hip hop game by storm. Trap artists, specifically, have taken the most advantage of the lyrical style, but not everyone loves the slurred flow. Purists are hoping that rappers will deviate from the trend, while others don't mind a mix of strong rhymes and unrecognizable lyrics.

Rapper Remy Ma added her two cents into the conversation by sharing a text image on Instagram. On Friday, Jay Z took to the Webster Hall stage for the re-opening of the venue, a feat that he helped make happen. That same evening, a clip of his performance went viral where he calls for communities to mobilize in an effort to save their history before it's  erased or taken over by gentrification. The rap icon also performed his B-sides for the sold-out audience, and while Remy was excited about yet another nod to Jay, she said she knows it's just a matter of time before the "singing and mumbling" begins again. 

"I love when my fave, Hov, drop new music cuz now y'all gotta act like y'all care about lyrics & bars for a little while. Somebody at Columbia call me, I need to drop my album before 'they' start singing and mumbling again. #inspiration." She didn't use the captions to explain what she meant. Instead, she just wrote, "I said what I said 😎." She used the hashtags, "Inspired By The Greats," "The Cloth I'm Cut From Is Discontinued," and "Make Rappers Rap Again."

Which artist do you think Remy is referring to (if you had to pick one)?