Papoose and Remy Maintroduced their little one to the world two months ago, revealing that she had been born after some complications during Remy's labor. We haven't seen her much with the couple keeping her under wraps mostly. During their appearance on The Real, the two rappers unveiled their baby to the world for her first-ever television appearance.

The Golden Child was a big hit with the hosts of the show, who started gushing the moment Papoose brought her out. Remy was already sitting on stage when a major introduction was made. "Let's give her a proper introduction," said the host before the "Back On My Bullshit" artist brought out his daughter. Angelic music played in the background as she was revealed to the world for the first time on television. Right away, the hosts notice how her hair has already grown so long at just two-months-old. The Golden Child's outfit was matching with Remy Ma's, rocking gold shoes and just chilling throughout the segment. No crying or anything.

Remy and Pap noted how she's been incredibly calm in their home, completing their perfect circle and smoothing out all the kinks in the household. We may not know her full name yet but The Golden Child is absolutely adorable.