Every now and again, The Golden Child pops up on Remy Ma or Papoose's social media posts, making herself very welcome to the fans. Ever since she was born, followers of the couple have been clamoring to see the baby girl as much as possible. When she does appear in photos with Remy or Pap, you can guarantee that the comments section will be full of heart-eyed emojis. Yesterday, The Golden Child made her first-ever television appearance, being carried out by her father to a line-up of awestruck The Real hosts. Shortly after her big debut, Remy Ma decided that it was the perfect time to reveal her full name to the world.

Up until yesterday, we were comfortable referring to Papoose and Remy's baby as The Golden Child. It had become a habit at that point but now, we can finally put a legitimate name to her adorable little face. Remy posted a video of her big reveal, coming through with some additional information in the caption. "Reminisce MacKenzie, 'The Golden Child', Born December 14th, 7pounds and 2 ounces," wrote the rapper. This is the first time that Reminisce's full name has been used with fans after it was left shrouded in mystery for two months.

The Golden Child will likely be making further appearances on social media in the time being. Are you a fan of the name?