Lee "Q" O'Denat, the founder and CEO of WorldStarHipHop, died in his sleep this morning. He was 43.

Q was born in Hollis, Queens and raised by a single mother. He was of Haitian descent. According to a 2015 New York Times profile, he fell in love with computers while working at Circuit City in his teens. He launched a porn website in 1999, then after that failed, an online mixtape market in partnership with DJ Whoo Kid. He founded WorldStar in 2005.

Q is survived by his three children, who reside in San Diego. Remember his legacy by watching 10 classic moments in WorldStar history.


1. Man throws hands with monkey

2. Man hits reporter with 'Deez Nuts' joke on People's Court

3. Guy in 8-ball jacket slaps soul out of belligerent woman on NYC train

4. Three strangers start impromptu jam session on the street

5. Woman deletes boyfriend's Career Mode file in 2K

6. Woman hits foe in head with flying shovel

7. Man frees handcuffed delinquent from backseat of police car 

8. Bus passenger sons woman who flipped out on handicapped person

9. The Game's manager Wack 100 knocks out Stitches

10. Quadriplegic amputee gets out of wheelchair to join fight