Rema's "Dumebi" Sparks Viral Dance Challenge In Nigeria

Devin Ch
May 25, 2019 16:49

The Dumebi challenge has only just begun.

Before it was converted to video four days ago, Rema's "Dumebi" was laying claim to a modest following in his native Nigeria (by way of neighboring Benin). A major part of his recent Iron Man EP, "Dumebi" has become a viral phenomenon thanks to his ingenious choreography, which itself engendered a copy-cat movement across social. 

The Dumebi challenge as it's being described, wouldn't be anything without the storytelling arc that comes embedded with the project, taking us back to a simpler time. Rema chases down his love interest by any means possible, even if it entails him hanging onto a tailpipe by the slimmest of margins, a wobbly skate deck.

As you'll soon discover if you decide to research the bustling Nigerian music scene, Rema is but one of many artists who shoot their music videos as if they were short films. The costume design is top notch, the set design is just as fanciful. Most importantly, all the visual elements, including a loose storyline (more often than not), synch perfectly with the emotional expression of the song at hand. Peep the "Dumebi" and look out for the ensuing challenge as it continues to gain traction.

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