Bill O'Reilly got canned by Fox News today, ending his 21-year tenure with the conservative news channel. One of the most indelible moments in the history of his program The O'Reilly Factor came in late 2003, when he invited Cam'ron and Dame Dash to debate the merits of hip hop's lewd thematic and lyrical content.

O'Reilly was supposed to moderate a debate between Cam'ron and Dame Dash and school principal Salome Thomas-El, but soon entered the fray himself. He did not attempt to disguise his dismissive attitude towards hip hop, and soon became embroiled in a heated argument with Dash, at which point Cam'ron famously wagged his finger and taunted, "You maaad, you maaaad.” 

Cam went on to call O'Reilly "Doggy."

Relive the full interview above.