June 6th is a strange time to release a boot collection but Kanye West is no ordinary character, so it's only fitting that he'd drop the Yeezy Boots the week after Memorial Day.

Unlike the previous Yeezy kicks, including the upcoming Yeezy Boost 750 and newly unveiled Yeezy Boost 650, this collection has no affiliation with Adidas Originals at all, which means you can forget about that beloved Boost comfort.

Mr West had these handcrafted Yeezy boots made in Spain and one would imagine they'll be just as difficult to get your hands on as the aforementioned Yeezy Boosts. 

IMHO- These definitely aren't for me, unless I get invited on a safari within the next week, but even then I think I'd have to politely pass on the latest Yeezy Boots.

What's the word on Kanye's independent footwear project, hot or not?