The glow from Get Out has faded away in the months since it took theaters by storm, but Jordan Peele’s directorial debut has left a permanent mark on our collective cultural consciousness. It’s also made Peele one of the most sought after filmmakers in Hollywood. Now, we have a date to look forward to for his next film.

If you recall, Peele revealed in an interview earlier this year that he had four more “social thrillers” planned out already. Now that he’s inked a production deal with Universal Pictures, he’s able to get to work bringing those ideas to life. Peele and Universal have set March 15, 2019, as the release date for Peele’s next film, just over two years after Get Out. It doesn’t currently have a title.

Meanwhile, you can check out the alternate (original) ending for Get Out below, which is a far more realistic imagining of how things would have gone down.

GET OUT : alternate ending - HORROR 2017by passemoilegeek

[via Deadline]