Songs linked to an unreleased Lil Wayne project were leaked last week in a collection titled Velvet Sessions. Although the tracks do not form an official release, Wayne's daughter Reginae Carter seemed pleased with a specific part of one of the songs.

The reality television star uploaded a clip of the track. Viewers can hear a vocal interlude that includes both her voice and her father's. Her youthful tone kicks it off by stating her name. Then, Weezy prompts her to go on: "And tell them what they need to know about your daddy." The young girl's response is absolutely adorable.

"My daddy's Lil Wayne and he's very nice. And he know how to rap. And he's good to childrens."

According to Reginae's caption, she doesn't recall making the recording. She also pokes fun at her kid self's diction.

"This is the cutest song ever ❤️❤️❤️ I don’t even remember doing this lol ! So cute “& he’s good to childrenssssss”

Hear the clip below.

The track Reginae deems "the cutest" is titled "Little Girl Eyes." The song whose lyrics express love for Lil Wayne's daughter was seemingly inspired by a Lenny Kravitz track of the same name, from which a sample was stripped.