A lot of celebrities have turned their attention to the social media platform TikTok during the quarantine, as it's proved an outlet to quell boredom, in addition to helping with the virality of certain figures. Regular folk are getting in on the TikTok action as well, you've likely seen the infiltration of TikTok videos uploaded to the Instagram platform, so all these TikTok fiends can share their videos and get those 'Likes' in the process. We've seen everyone from Tygawho went on to create a whole new song out of a TikTok sound, to Megan Thee Stallion, who seems to be in the midst of yet another viral dance challenge, take advantage of the platform right now. Even the OG Flavor Flav is getting in on the fun.

Reginae Carter has really been holding down the TikToks though, at least when it comes to creativity. Lil Wayne's daughter isn't recycling the many TikTok sounds that are currently going viral, rather, she's opting to create unique scenarios, or rather, re-create them. She's been on a roll when it comes to acting out famous movie scenes, but today she's moved her attention to a real-life audio clip that pertains to her father.

Reginae carter lil wayne tiktok

Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET 

Lil Wayne's infamous court deposition tapes have become the focus for Reginae's new TikTok, where she mouthes her father's words, perfectly in sync. The deposition stemmed from the release of Wayne's Carter documentary in 2009, which the rapper was attempting to block at the time, suing the director of the film Quincy Jones. The particular clip Reginae re-enacts was from Jones' lawyer questioning of Wayne.

You can clearly see the Weezy in her, making the video all the more entertaining-- and the commenters agree. B. Simone hopped in the comments to say: "Something about this is sexy AF I’m like ummmm is this my lil sis or my nigga." Snoop Dogg's daughter had to give a response, "Omggggggg." Even Mack Maine caught wind of it, dropping off several cry-laughing emojis with the commentary "Fawwwwwwkkkk."

Take a look at the hilarious clip below. How'd she do?