We've watched Reginae Carter grow up before our very eyes on reality television, during appearances with her father Lil Wayne, and on social media. She's had her ups and downs but, for the most part, she can be considered a strong role model to young women around the world. Carter prides herself on presenting a wholesome image, keeping the negative aspects of her life under wraps and limiting the amount of drama she exudes. An entertainer in her own right, Nae is set up for greatness. While today is Black Friday for most Americans, Carter is celebrating her birthday and it's an important one, marking the beginning of her adulthood.

Turning twenty-one today, Reginae Carter is now able to be a little more free in her decisions. She can officially head to the bar and order a drink, celebrating her big day with a series of extremely glamorous photos on social media. Wearing an extravagant red lace gown, Nae used two male models as props, sharing a number of beautiful uploads to Instagram. Of course, one outfit wasn't enough for her. She switched things up and put on a cut-out off-white dress, sparkling with some bling attached and noting that she rules on November 29.

Purchasing her first-ever home a few months ago, Reginae Carter has been easing herself into adult life. Join us in wishing her a happy birthday!