Reginae Carter has received some criticism for the decisions she's been taking in her personal life. She went against her mother's advice concerning her dating an older man who also happens to be a rapper. While Toya Wright is experienced enough to speak on the matter, her daughter essentially dismissed her concerns. Reginae took this tension further with the announcement of her dropping out of college.

Fans were able to view the moment she announced her desire to leave Clark Atlanta University during an episode of T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle. Reginae argued that her time was better spent hanging out with her boyfriend while she pursued an acting career.

Since then, the reality television star received some harsh words on social media. Some Twitter users' comments were humorous while other took the matter seriously, offering advice. Many have suggested that Reginae might want to consider majoring in acting since she claims to be passionate about using this talent to build her career.

One user wrote: "So U quit college to take pics all day and follow Lucci @toyawright must be very proud."

Reginae, who is known for being quite opinionated, responded quite gently to the general sentiment by tweeting, "Stay tuned, be blessed!"