I don't know how fans haven't gotten the memo to not go for Reginae Carter. She's proven time and time over that she'll gladly roast you for going after her or her family, even if you try and play nice with a backhanded compliment. The latest example of the 19-year-old putting a 'fan' in place was with her latest Instagram post - the usual trolling grounds. 

Reginae posted a photo of her looking cute in a two-piece Fashion Nova fit. Some man commented saying: "you lit! all you need to do is get you some breast implants! no shade!! becasue i think you LIT!!" Reginae replied back saying: "im good. Society ruined you tho."

Despite some of the hate Reginae gets on the Gram, there's an even amount - if not more - love that comes with it. "Girl ur boobs are fine. Don’t put that shit on your body 🙄 these people clearly hate themselves. Why would anyone suggest that shit," one user wrote. Check out the post below.