Yesterday, Lil Wayne's daughter and oldest child, Reginae Carter, decided to post a nice picture of her posing with her little brother, Neal, in their driveway. Little did she know that her picture would soon be the catalyst for what would become a lengthy and fiery Instagram comment war. 

What Reginae failed to realize before she posted this photo was that Neal was wearing some velcro strapped Vans, which are clearly covered in dirt. Some commenters were confused as to why a child who's father is a rich and famous rapper would be running around in some dirty sneakers with no laces. 

Some of the comments included, "Wtf his shoes look like that with y'all rich asses," "We ain't got as much money as we", and "Look @ Lil Wayne son....why yaw got him lookin like that???????"

Others took offense to the people trying to roast a child for not rocking his shoes fresh out the box, and took to the replies in order to defend him. Common arguments mentioned that kids like to play outside, so their shoes are going to get dirty. They also grow up fast, so spending hundreds of dollars on miniaturized Jordans isn't really a wise investment. Lastly, Neal is a literal child, and probably doesn't actually care if his dad is rich enough to afford to buy him nicer shoes. 

Where do you stand on the Neal Carter sneaker debacle? Check out the post below and see the offending kicks for yourself.