A few hours after we posted about the new phenomenon called CHS that affects marijuana users by giving them severe stomach issues. The medical term is something that the Girls Trip actress Regina Hall should keep in mind since she recently paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, detailing a hilarious story about a time she and her mom got high. 

As the story goes, Regina had medical marijuana for her dog who sadly passed away and one night her mom decided to dabble in the prescription since she has arthritis. A few hours later before heading off to bed, Regina checked in on her mom and found her unable to move her mouth, leading her to believe she was having a stroke. 

The obvious thing to do was to call the ambulance where they ended up at the hospital to treat her high mother. "We were panicked. And I called my friend and I said, "Listen, I think mommy is having a stroke," because I was distraught. The Dog, now mommy," Regina said. 

Regina explained how she didn't tell the doctor what they ingested, but her friend was quick to call her out. "My friend was doing a prayer, and then we were downstairs, and she said, "Did you take your stuff?" And I was like, "yeah." And she was like, "I think you bitches are high."'