Last week, it was falsely reported that Jay-Z had made an enormous donation to Nipsey Hussle's children, giving them $15 million to use when they grow up. That news was quickly determined to have been false but today, an official account has been set up for the family of Nipsey Hussle. Many members of the music, entertainment and sports worlds were touched by Nipsey Hussle during his lifetime, getting inspired by his rags to riches story. His life tragically ended at the young age of 33 but that doesn't mean his legacy will also be laid to rest. Reggie Bush made sure to kickstart everybody's generosity, announcing that he has donated $10K to Nipsey Hussle's kids Kross and Emani in a trust fund set up on GoFundMe.

Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

"In partnership with GoFundMe and with the help of our marketing team over at CAA, we have been empowered by Lauren London, Nipsey's girlfriend, to put together a GoFundMe account that directly benefits Nipsey's two kids, Emani and Kross," said Bush. His wife chimed in, noting that they feel so fortunate to have lived at the same time as somebody like Nipsey Hussle. "God got to work through a man who found his purpose on this earth, touching so many lives," she said. "Hearing his mom speak about his beautiful spirit moving to an eternity where he's gonna have no boundaries, no limits, he'll be able to be amongst each one of us."

The goal for this campaign is to raise $100K but we have a feeling that they'll surpass that. Find out how to donate here and watch Reggie's address below.