You are probably all aware of the insane amount of new music that has come out within the past 24 hours (and to come within the next 24 hours). One of the most highly anticipated mixtapes of those released was definitely A$AP Rocky's "Live.Love.A$AP". Having only recently started to listen to ASAP I was definitely curious to see what all the hype is surrounding him, especially since he revealed he signed a deal worth 3 milly (!!), so his mixtape was definitely the one I was looking forward to the most. For that reason I thought I'd reflect on it a little...

ASAP is definitely doing something a little different, but then again it feels like everyone is trying to do something 'different' so I'm not sure how much that means. But maybe ASAP's uniqueness is what's selling him so hard, and he is not shying away from it, in a recent interview with Complex he acknowledges his weirdness, saying,

“I was eight [when I started rapping]. When I found myself, I was probably 20. At 20, I knew I didn’t want to sound like the rest. I knew it sounded different. It was more natural. I wasn’t saying, ‘I’m going to try to sound different.’ It was just natural. Usually, when I was rapping, I was like, ‘This has to be like this.’ Now, I freely rap and it just comes out crazy."

Well, overall, I must say I enjoyed "Live.Love.A$AP". However he definitely has a kind of 'gimmick', since I think almost every song has that chopped & screwed-type chorus. Not to say that's necessarily a bad thing. This is some syrup-sipping music though. He wants to make it clear however, in the opening song, that he is not just some wanna-be New Orleans guy,

"Don't remember me as a wanna-be New Orleans n*gga slash lean-sippin Tennesse n*gga, nahh, influenced by Houston hear it in my music..."

Fair enough.

He also acknowledges in his Complex interview that what he is saying in his music, anyone can really say (he actually gives a verse from Purple Swag, which is a perfect example, not exactly a lyrically complex song).

"You can’t say I’m selling anybody a lie. I’m just keeping it real, that’s all. Got to keep it trill. "

I think that is a good descripition of his music-- ASAP is not the most lyrical of rappers, but he's trying to keep it real, and he did create a niche for himself. This music isn't full-on chopped & screwed, but has that feel to it, which I personally enjoy more than an entire song that is chopped & screwed. Nonetheles the content of his music is definitely focused on that sprite & promethazine codeine.

The mixtape definitely has an enjoyable calm feel and flows together well (one might say though that a lot of the songs sound too similar...I am okay with that though). It also features many of those from the ASAP Crew.

So, yes I am feeling ASAP Rocky!! Although at first I was skeptical, his mixtape has converted me. I only wonder if he can live up to that huge deal he signed.

But more importantly, what do you guys think? Feeling it?