It wasn't long ago that Houston Texans' defensive end, JJ Watt, revealed his own logo which sparked rumors that Reebok might be hooking him up with his own collection.

Those rumors proved to be true as the reigning Defensive Player of the Year officially revealed his first Reebok signature sneaker today, taking guests at the event through a rigorous workout which we're sure involved some tire flipping and Fort Minor blasting through the speakers.

With the official unveiling of the Reebok "JJ 1" trainer, Watt now joins the likes of Allen Iverson, Shaq and Yao Ming as Reebok athletes to have a signature sneaker made in their honor. 

“I've trained in many different shoes throughout my career, but there was never one that I felt was clearly the best shoe to get the job done,” said J.J. Watt. “So I decided to build one and with the help of some great designers, I am proud to say that we have created the best training shoe I've ever worn. We spent over a year making sure that this shoe would perform at the highest level on any surface for any activity. Everyone has their own personal vision of greatness, the JJ simply ensures that you have the right tools for the hunt.”

The white and red "JJ 1" Reebok trainers will retail for $99, as a nod to JJ's football #, and will be available to the public on July 15th.