Kendrick Lamar has a new Reebok sneaker in the works and similar to his first collaboration, this Reebok Classic Leather pairs up red and blue atop a neutral "skull grey" upper. Kendrick's newest Reebok sneaker was made in the name of gang neutrality, just like his first collab, with red accents on one shoe and blue on the other.

The deconstructed aesthetic is highlighted by a longitudinal seam that runs down the shoe separating blue and red.  While the split seam continues to tell the unity and neutrality themes that Kendrick has explored with the past two Reebok Capsule collections, the design dives further into Kendrick’s life, representing the significant crossroads that he has faced.  

The seam is a metaphor for the major decisions he has been forced to make – from championing gang neutrality throughout his upbringing to using his artistry to make a difference in his own community and the world over.

What makes the Reebok Classic Kendrick Lamar "Classic Leather" even more unique is the fact that only half of the Reebok branding is used on each sneaker; the other shoe completes the puzzle. In addition, the traditional "Reebok" text near the eyelets has been erased, except for the "K."

The Reebok Classic Kendrick Lamar "Classic Leather" is officially slated to drop on July 1st in Adult sizes ($109.99), Grade School ($64.99), Pre-School ($59.99) and Toddler ($41.99).