As part of Reebok's new Fall/Winter 2018 Always Classic campaign, they've teamed up with several individuals whose daring self-expression and bold creative energy set them apart from the crowd. With that in mind, the FW18 campaign kicks off with the launch of the new Classic Leather Nylon SP fronted by notable tattoo artist Miryam Lumpini

The latest Classic Leather SP represents the next generation of the Classic sneaker, featuring a modern silhouette with a retro look and feel. The kicks features a DMX foam bottom and a mix of modern and vintage constructions which create an easy-to-wear silhouette that makes a statement with any look while expressing a unique and timeless style that is "Always Classic."

Per Reebok:

"Miryam Lumpini brings her thoughtful eye for detail and unparalleled creative imagination to life with Reebok Classic to reimagine an icon of style: the Classic Leather Nylon SP."

"As an artist, Miryam lives and breathes her craft, pushing herself to create works that are more than standard tattoos. Her authentic passion, thoughtful eye for detail and unparalleled creative imagination makes her the perfect partner for Reebok Classic."

The Reebok Classic Leather Nylon SP collection is now available via for $80.