Washington Redskins fans don't seem too pleased that the team traded 22-year old cornerback Kendall Fuller yesterday as part of the Alex Smith deal. It's not necessarily that they don't like Smith but the $71M guaranteed, in addition to getting rid of one of their best young defensive backs is definitely rubbing fans the wrong way.

In fact, it appears that some players within the Redskins locker room, including D.J. Swearinger, aren't too happy either.

Swearinger called out the Redskins organization this morning in a series of tweets, some of which have since been deleted. The veteran safety was particularly pissed that the team traded Fuller, who joined the Skins as a rookie in 2016 out of Virginia Tech.

"Never Saw Any Bullshit Like This In My Life!! Idc who i rub wrong because you never sat in a meeting nor put in work with my dawg!!"

"People say they wanna win right but you throw away your best defender!?!? Somebody you can set a standard with?!?! #Defense will win championships!!"

"And We Took a Major Step down from the best slot corner In The Game!! No disrespect to nobody on my squad or coming to my squad but we basically took a step backwards by giving away (Fuller) who graded 90 overall which is Elite and hard too do!!! Smh."

Fuller himself was shocked that he was included, along with a third round draft pick, as part of the Smith deal. As word got out on twitter, he sent out several tweets in which he went back and forth with himself, wondering whether or not he was actually headed to Kansas City. As it turns out, he is, and Chiefs fans should be thrilled.