Anyone who says Redman isn't a legend is probably smoking that potent loud from the end of How High. Doc has been in the game for over two decades now, and his notoriously intense work ethic has him simultaneously prepping his upcoming album, working behind the camera on an upcoming VH1 show, and hitting the press circuit for extensive interviews. The latest of said interviews finds Doc swinging by the Breakfast Club to chop it up with Angela Yee and Charlamagne (no Envy today), and the conversation kicks off on an appropriately October-friendly note. 

When Redman finds out Angela is actually a horror movie buff, they talk a bit about the genre and name off some classics, including The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (OG) and The Conjuring. Redman, never to be outdone, comes through with the mic drop for horror nerds: "I saw Suspiria in the movie theatre." It's a cool moment, and shows that Reggie Noble knows his film history. Of course, Charlamagne chimes in with a gem, stating "the last good horror movie was Precious." 

The conversation moves toward Eminem, where they mention Vince Staples' tweet which stated "If Eminem was black he would be Redman." Redman refers to a conversation they had on Em's birthday, and says that "[Em] is just so happy that, you know, he's accepted in all races, it don't matter. From black, white, Mexican...and he just like to have fun like we do, man he's a regular motherfucka...he just enjoy the music."

While they discuss Eminem further, there's so much more in this interview that it merits a watch for any self-professed hip-hop head. Redman is one of the most underrated in the game, and he's in fine form here, coming through with some hilarious and insightful stories and anecdotes. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.