Fans were highly disappointed this month when it was revealed that Method Man and Redman wouldn't be included in the upcoming sequel to their cult classic, How High. Many were outraged at the fact that the two OG's wouldn't even be making an appearance in How High 2 to the point where a petition was started demanding for the duo's inclusion. Now, Redman has finally opened up as to why he and Meth won't be even appearing in the film.

Redman spoke to Grass Routes podcast and made it clear that he has no harsh feelings towards Lil Yachty or DC Youngfly for seizing the opportunity to star in their first feature-length film. However, Red did reveal that neither him nor Meth were even contacted for the making of How High 2.

"Long story short is that me and Meth was not aware that they were doing this transaction with the movie. I’m not mad at Yachty or DC Fly—like I said, it has nothing to do with them. And I’m not even upset because God always places things in the right position anyway; I’m just following the path," he said. “But my thing is when you have a brand, like Red and Meth, that kind of helped built and created this entity of How High and shooting a movie on How High -- I mean, marijuana and being in college. Those were all our ideas. And when the new deal came about, we wasn't involved in it.

Redman revealed that he and Meth were actually working on the sequel with Universal before MTV announced the sequel. If you recall, Redman and Meth have been teasing a How High 2 for nearly a decade at this point. Red said that he and Meth were working on a script with a few other writers and requested some changes, but it turned out that there were other plans in order for the film.

"What happened is that a branch that’s under Universal decided 'we're gonna shoot this movie.' And they did not need permission from us because we didn’t own the rights to How High,” he said. "Bottom line, this branch of people decided 'why don't we get someone younger to do the movie?' And that's when they came about Lil Yachty & DC Youngfly."

Peep Redman's full explanation below around the 52-min. mark.