Redman Reflects On Simpler Times On "1990 Now"

Mitch Findlay
August 28, 2018 16:48

Redman is all about the nineties.

The legendary Redman played an essential role in solidifying the 1990s as one of hip-hop's definitive decades. In fact, many still reflect on the 90s as "the glory days," citing classics like Red's own Muddy Waters, Dare Iz A Darkside, and Whut Thee Album? In any case, Reggie Noble has withstood the test of time, and while his sound may not be in line with what's currently sought by the youth, he has remained true to himself. Plus, the man can still outrap a large percent of the game, so there's always that. 

In his latest video for "1990 Now," Red takes to a minimalist set, bringing forth a welcome wave of nostalgia for anyone old enough to remember one of rap's iconic eras. "When I was putting up Muddy Waters stickers, you was a young cat trying to meet Big Bird," raps Redman. Keep an eye out for that Muddy Waters 2, coming soon.

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