The next time you're hanging out with your friends at a large, outdoor festival and you see a cart making its way around the venue, it may just be Redman behind the wheel. The rap icon isn't afraid of hard work as he's continuously been on his grind since the inception of his career. After taking to stages worldwide and experiencing what it is like to be an international superstar, Redman is now working his way up the ranks in the festival circuit.

Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

The New Jersey rapper caught up with VIBE's Datwon Thomas and chatted about hiding his identity when working at festivals. It isn't something he does for fun or as a joke; the rapper is sometimes in charge of driving a performer to the stage. "It just so happens that my boy Josh, who is my engineer as well, he worked festivals,” he stated. “He's been working festivals for a while, so he got a good placement in different big festivals. I always told him, like, ‘Damn man...I want to drive a cart at festivals.’ He was like, ‘Yo, man, you could drive for the Brooklyn (Governor’s Ball) festival or the Randall’s Island festival."

"My first job was with the Randall’s Island family," he recalled. "I drove that cart for the first time at a festival. Very, very intrigued, and willing to learn, because, like you said, people might see me on that cart and be like, ‘Oh sh*t, he having fun.’ No...I’m the kinda dude that likes to start from the bottom and work my way up. I don’t like to start all the way from here, talking about I’m the man, then trying to progress because your downfall is waiting for you when you start there." Watch his interview in full below.