Hip hop was in a mixed bag of emotions last year when Jay-Z made a statement of rapper's doing the money phone pose. While some people agreed with Jay's message, others took it as a shot fired to the rap community. In this current era of hip hop, rappers are constantly flaunting their money and seem to be spending it freely. In a new interview with Redman, he explains why people who have that kind of money, aren't the ones who typically show it off. 

Redman recently caught up with Hip Hop Motivation where he spoke about his investments and creating generational money. He further explained that the people who make a lot of money, aren't the ones who show it off, unless you're Floyd Mayweather.

"If I do an investment, I want to do it something that's big, that's about that grandchildren money. That "my grandchildren can by straight" kind of money. Not that "buying the Benz and jewelry" kind of money. N*ggas that show money, ain't got no money. They ain't really got no mothafuckin' money. Only mothafucka that could do that is Floyd Mayweather," he said. 

The rapper explained how particular he is with taking on endorsement deals because in the long run, it'll hurt the brands he's built.

"You don’t see our name on no grows, no vape pens, no bullshit that you could say, "Oh, we’re tired of they name."" he explained, "That’s why we still working, like it’s the 90's. We do shows like it’s still the 90's. We have to turn down shows because we get so many shows. So, I guess that’s another good lesson of keeping your name brand at higher level without it being whored out from endorsing too much."

Redman drops a whole lot of knowledge on finances, especially for up-and-coming artists. Peep it below.