Late last year, Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly engaged in a spirited war of words. While fans ultimately received three solid tracks as a result, many were quick to hand the victory to Eminem and be done with it. In truth, both parties held it down; I daresay "Rap Devil" was the most well-rounded Eminem diss track ever laced, and many have tried. Now that time has passed, we can look back on the beef with the benefit of hindsight. And that's exactly what the legendary Redman has done, during an interview with Hip-Hop DX. As he tells it, Machine Gun Kelly ultimately crossed one, specific line - a line no man should ever cross, at that.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

"First of all, Eminem came back and was destroying," reflects Reggie. Still, he's not ready to discredit Machine Gun Kelly's initial volley, "Rap Devil." "I'm not going to lie, Eminem is my boy, I hit him up, he already know. When I first heard [Rap Devil], I was like, this shit is pretty clever," says Red. "But I'd like to say something to MGK, alright? MGK, you did a great job on that fuckin' battle, but there's one thing you never fuckin' do. One thing. And that's talking about a man's sweatpants."

"Talk about a man's mama, all that, but do not talk about a man's sweatsuit," says Red. "I was like damn, my boy Em is wearing a lot of sweatsuits these days." The cameraman points out that Em is even rocking one in the picture on the wall of fame. "Maybe that's his comfortability," says Red. "For him to say, you know, them corny sweatsuits, I laughed but then again, I said he's young. Maybe one day he'll understand what wearing sweatsuits is about when you get to a certain age."

"You do not, I repeat you do not talk about a man's sweatpants," reiterates Redman. "I was like fuck man, talk about my boy's sweatsuit like that!"